Innovative Semiconductor Materials 

Eliminating polarization effect in conventional GaN to enable next generation LEDs, lasers, and power devices.



high Performance 

 Solving efficiency droop and green gap problems to significantly boost device performance in output power, efficiency, and wavelength stability. 


mass producible

Using an innovative selective growth method to directly grow semi-polar GaN on large-size sapphire wafers in standard production line.


high quality

 Providing high quality semi-polar GaN on sapphire templates ready for industry adoption with minimized threading dislocations and zero stacking fault.

About Us

Saphlux, Inc. develops, manufactures, and supplies semi-polar gallium-nitride (GaN) materials for nitride-based solid-state lighting and power devices. Major applications include high power blue LEDs, green LEDs, Micro-LEDs, laser diodes, VCSELs, IGBTs, etc. 

Benefits of semi-polar materials have long been proven in addressing the fundamental bottlenecks in first generation c-plane GaN materials such as efficiency droop, green gap and wavelength shift in LEDs and lasers. However, the mass-production of large-area, high-quality and low-cost semi-polar GaN materials has been rather challenging.

Based on the research from the Nitride Group at Yale University, Saphlux was founded in 2014 by Prof. Jung Han and Dr. Chen Chen to resolve these problems. The company successfully developed the world's first stacking-fault-free semi-polar GaN-on-sapphire materials. Raised over $11 million from Venture Capitals, Saphlux has now built a dedicated production line to mass-produce 4-inch (20-21) GaN-on-sapphire templates for industry clients. 


Our Timeline

        Nov. Saphlux is Founded

        Feb. Received $1.5 Million Angels Round Investment
        Jun. Started Product Development
        Nov. First Industry Partner

       May. Commercialized Industry's First 2" Stacking-fault-free (20-21) GaN on Sapphire Template

       Mar. Received $5 Million Series A Investment
       May. Received $4.2 Million Serires A+ Investment to Set up Mass-production Line
       Nov. Commercialized Industry's First 4" Stacking-fault-free (20-21) GaN on Saphhire Template

       Mar. Started Mass Production and Materials Sales

Our Investors