About Us

Saphlux, Inc is a spin-off start-up company from Yale University. Realizing both technical challenges and high cost in achieving full color Micro-LEDs, Saphlux developed the innovative NPQD color conversion technology which can enable high efficiency, low cost and mass producible RGB Micro-LEDs for consumer products. The company provides customized NPQD color conversion solutions for industry customers who are developing Micro-LED applications in mobile devices, large size displays, automotive displays, etc.

Meanwhile, Saphlux provides innovative light-emitting material solutions for display and lighting applications. The company develops and manufactures the high-quality, low cost semi-polar gallium nitride (GaN) wafers for customers to deliver the next generation semi-polar LED and laser light sources.

In 2017, Saphlux set up its dedicated fabrication line, and is now collaborating with leading companies and institutes in the world. The company operates globally with our headquarters in Branford, Connecticut, USA.

Our Investors