About Us

Saphlux, Inc. provides innovative light-emitting material solutions for the next-generation display and lighting. Our company began from Yale University, and is now the leading company in manufacturing high-quality, low-cost, and mass-producible semi-polar gallium nitride (semi-polar GaN) materials.  Benefits of semi-polar GaN have long been proven in addressing the fundamental polarization problem in conventional GaN to significantly improve performances of LEDs, lasers and power devices. Applications of such materials include micro/mini-LED displays for mobile devices, laser projectors, automotive headlights, etc.

With the advent of 5G, we are entering into a new era of displays. Targeting to resolve key problems in manufacturing Micro-LED display, our team recently developed NPDQ™ Color Conversion Technology to enable the low-cost and high-performance quantum dot based Micro-LEDs for consumer electronics applications.

In 2017, Saphlux set up its dedicated production line, and now serves more than 40 leading companies and institutes. The company operates globally with our headquarters in Branford, Connecticut, USA.

Our Investors