Saphlux Releases 4” (20-21) GaN on Sapphire Template

Saphlux Releases 4” (20-21) GaN on Sapphire Template

Mass-producible 4” Semi-polar GaN Material for Industry Applications

Branford, CT, November 21st , 2017 - Saphlux announced today the release of the stacking fault free 4” (20-21) GaN on Sapphire template: a big step forward from its 2” product and a key milestone for the industry in the decades of effort of addressing the long-standing efficiency droop and green gap issues.

Semi-polar GaN materials can greatly reduce the Quantum Confined Stark effect (QCSE) caused by polarized fields and increase the volume of the InGaN active region to enable high power devices and high-efficiency, long-wavelength devices. Using the unique patented growth technologies, in May 2016, researchers of Saphlux have demonstrated on the 2” template that a stacking-fault-free, large-size, and low-cost semi-polar material can be achieved.

Noticing the strong needs of such materials from solid-state lighting industry, Saphlux set up a 4” production line for semi-polar materials and successfully released the 4” (20-21) semi-polar GaN template in November 2017. Different from the 2” product— which focuses predominantly on R&D users— the 4” product focuses more on industry users for mass production. The 4” wafer fits the current mainstream LED and laser production lines and will enable the customers to directly adopt the materials for their product development in varied applications.

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