Saphlux, winning top 50 in China Hard Tech Enterprises

On November 8th, 2018, “2018 Hard Tech and The Belt and The Road Global Conference” was held by Xi’an government and municipal committee. The three-day conference consists of 22 series events, which include opening summit, hard tech exhibition, hard tech conference. More than 800 distinguished guests, include Nobel Prize laureates, national and international experts, hard tech entrepreneurs, well-known investors, is gathering in Xi’an to picture the better future of hard technologies.


In the conference, Zero2IPO released the award list of 2018 China Hard Tech Investors and 2018 China Hard Tech Enterprises. The 50 capital investment firms that investing for AI, aerospace, information technology, biotechnology, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, new materials, optoelectronic chips were awarded. Saphlux, with the core technology of next-generation optoelectronic materials, was awarded as China top 50 Hard Tech Enterprises.