Saphlux Releases 2” (20-21) GaN on Sapphire Template

Saphlux Releases 2” (20-21) GaN on Sapphire Template

Industry-first mass-producible (20-21) GaN to address the long-standing issue of efficiency droop in solid-state lighting  

NEW HAVEN, May 16, 2016 - Saphlux, a venture-backed startup company, announced today the release of the 2’’ (20-21) GaN on Sapphire template.  An industry first, this unique template is expected to address the long-standing issue of efficiency droop in first generation solid-state emitter materials, enabling the production of next generation high power and high performance light emitting diodes (LEDs). 

Using a patented orientation controlled epitaxy (OCE) method, researchers of Saphlux can selectively grow semi-polar GaN materials directly on standard-size sapphire wafers. This innovative production process fits current manufacturing line and makes semi-polar GaN finally  available both economically and physically for commercial usage.  Moreover, being able to control the shape and polarity of GaN crystal growth, Saphlux team can produce GaN templates on sapphire with high quality over the entire crystal orientations.

“In the past 20 years, the entire GaN LED industry was developed on and confined to the  c-plane orientation where the LED performance is currently limited by the efficiency-droop problem. Researchers had demonstrated superior semipolar LED performance using irregularly-shaped, cross-sliced GaN templates that were not compatible with mainstream LED production process,” said Prof. Jung Han, co-founder of Saphlux. “Being able to produce high-quality semipolar GaN templates on sapphire will provide an instant and wide access for academia and the entire industry to explore and capitalize unique properties of semipolar orientations for next generation LEDs.”

In laboratory tests, the 2’’ (20-21) GaN material shows very low threading dislocations (<4* 10^8 /cm3) and Internal quantum efficiency (IQE) of (20-21) LEDs results indicates very little efficiency droop. The 2” (20-21) template sample is now available for R&D usage. Saphlux is moving towards full-scale production and expects to have large-volume capacity in 2017. 

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