Saphlux Releases NPQD Technology for Micro-LEDs

Saphlux Releases NPQD Technology for Micro-LEDs

Innovative Color Conversion Technology to Enable RGB Micro-LED Displays

San Jose, California - May 14th, 2019

At this year's Display Week in San Jose, CA - held by the Society for Information Display (SID) -Saphlux introduced its latest revolutionary piece of LED innovation: the Nanopores for Quantum Dots, also known simply as the NPQD. With its surprisingly high light conversion efficiency, low cost of production, and minimal materials needed, it turned many heads at this conference, and will lead display technologies into a new generation.

The new NPQD technology utilizes a nano-structure that can be formed inside LEDs to hold quantum dots. Because of its strong internal scattering effect, the effective path of light traveling inside nanopores can be greatly extended to boost the conversion efficiency of quantum dots. Thus, high efficiency RGB micro-LED can be achieved with just a 3µm NPQD with either the photo lithography method or the inkjet printing method. Together with our partners, Saphlux can now provide NPQD color conversion solutions to micro-LED display manufacturers across the globe.

Saphlux's team also acknowledged and successfully conquered what is commonly known as the binning problem. Because of the wavelength non-uniformity in the LED epi-wafer, binning is both challenging and costly for mass-transfer micro-LED displays. Thanks to the great wavelength uniformity of quantum dots, NPQD micro-LED provides a solution to this problem.

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