NPQD Color Conversion Technology for Micro-LED 

Micro-LED is an emerging flat-panel display technology. Targeting to solve the key problems in manufacturing full-color Micro-LED displays, Saphlux developed the innovative NPQD technology for industry customers to develop and manufacture the high-performance, low-cost, and mass-producible Micro-LED displays.

In 2019, Saphlux has demonstrated the NPQD technology on a fine pitch Micro-LED array. We are now proudly offering the NPQD color conversion services to Micro-LED manufacturers.

What is NPQD?

NPQD stands for “Nanopores for Quantum Dots.”

Nanopores are an innovative nano-structure formed inside LEDs and are a natural vessel for quantum dots. Because of its strong internal light scattering effect, the effective path of light traveling inside nanopores can be greatly extended to boost the conversion efficiency of quantum dots.


With NPQD color conversion technology, Saphlux breaks through the technical bottleneck of QD-on-chip, achieving an NPQD Micro-LED with high LCE, low cost, small size and high reliability. This technology resolves the existing material problems of light source in mass production of Micro-LED displays, and enables the RGB small-size (<30µm), high-resolution Micro-LED arrays.


NPQD Micro-LED Array NPQD Micro-LED Array

by Inkjet Printing by Photo Lithography

Features of NPQD Micro-LED Demo by Saphlux

  • Customized Structure (Flip Chip or Vertical Chip)

  • Low Leakage Current (<10E-6 A)

  • Good Reliability (Passed Initial Reliability Tes)

  • All GaN-based RGB Micro-LED

  • High EQE (Red EQE reaches 40%)

  • Small Size (<30 µm)

Key Benefits

  • High LCE

  • Great Color Uniformity

  • High EQE

  • Easy Manufacturing

  • Low Cost

  • High QD Reliability


Simulation Data based on TMP Lab Test Data on Wavelength Uniformity

(Transport Mean Free Path)




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